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Katy Dry Cleaning Services

At Comet Cleaners of Katy, you can trust that your garments are being handled with nothing but the highest-quality care and treatment. We know the importance of a first impression, and our process is designed to help you deliver one every time.

How It Works

When you drop off your garment for our dry cleaning services, we start with a thorough inspection to look for any stains, buttons, or other details. This ensures that we are handling your item with the unique attention that it needs. It is then individually pressed and hand finished by one of our professionals, and inspected one more time for quality.

Whether you need dry cleaning services for a suit, a dress, or linens, Comet Cleaners of Katy has you covered. Our friendly professionals can care for a wide variety of items and fabrics, and always provide a quality clean.

Why Use Dry Cleaning?

Traditional laundry methods use a combination of water and detergents that can be damaging to your clothing. Dry cleaning is a garment washing method that uses liquid solvents in lieu of water, to protect your clothes and keep them looking brand new.

Did you know water contributes to the most common laundry damages? This includes:

  • Fading and running of colors
  • Shrinkage
  • Damage to trims, lace, and other details
  • Loss of pleating

Our dry cleaning methods remove the water from the washing process, which means your fabrics are protected, colors are preserved, and you can make a good impression every day.

Environmentally Friendly Processes

Unlike most dry cleaning companies, Comet Cleaners does not use perchloroethylene (PERC). Why is this a good thing? The US Environmental Protection Agency has a laundry list of potentially harmful and hazardous effects that PERC has on both you and the environment.

All of our products and processes are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about toxins, waste, or other harmful materials.

Visit us in Katy today to experience the Comet Cleaner quality!

Happy Customer Reviews

  • "All the gowns were the original color and stains gone. Will definitely use them again." - Sharon T.

  • "Great VIP type of place. Great job on my clothes fast turn-around." - Big D.

  • "We bring all our dry cleaning here! They get the job done to perfection!" - Ma S.

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