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We at Comet Cleaners are proud to be a part of this community and to be able to serve the people of Odessa, TX. At Comet Cleaners, you will find the best personalized dry cleaning and laundry services possible anywhere in any town, because our people are your people!


Discover for yourself how much easier life can be when you leave dry cleaning in the hands of trained professionals.


Comet Cleaners of Odessa understands the investment that you have made in your clothing. With that said, we offer the highest quality dry cleaning in Odessa to ensure your items are washed with proper care and consideration at an affordable price. With our same-day dry cleaning service, Comet Cleaners makes it easy to give your clothes the TLC they deserve.


Dry cleaning is a process that cleans your clothes in a liquid solvent instead of water, helping preserve the quality of your clothes. Comet Cleaners knows that some garments require dry cleaning because of the following:

  • Color loss- Some colors found on garments can be dissolved in water, causing them to run or fade. With dry cleaning, these dyes are colorfast.
  • Shrinkage- Certain materials are prone to shrinkage when washed in water. Dry cleaning prevents that.
  • Trim- Some trims or embellishments found on garments are attached by an adhesive that can be dissolved in water. Dry cleaning preserves the adhesive and keeps these trims and accents at their highest quality.
  • Pleating- Water can cause pleats to disappear. Dry cleaning is a safe method to keep your pleats looking new.


Comet Cleaners offers the highest quality of dry cleaning for any of your garments. Our trained professionals understand the value of your clothes and take the extra step in thoroughly inspecting your garments to determine if special attention is needed for their cleaning. Keep your clothes looking like new by dry cleaning with Comet Cleaners.

After the optimal cleaning process is performed, all garments are pressed and hand finished, ready for you to wear!


Comet Cleaners prides itself on our efficient dry cleaning services. Drop off your dry-cleaning items at any of our three locations by 9:00am, and by 5:00pm, they will be ready for you to pick up…the same day! Contact us for more information about any of our dry cleaning services. In a rush? We can even have your clothing cleaned and pressed in an hour.


Comet Cleaners of Odessa prides itself on our efficient dry cleaning services. Drop off your clothes by 9:00 am at any of our three locations, and they will be ready for you to pick up by 5:00 pm the same day!


Comet Cleaners of Odessa offers you drop off and same day service to make your dry cleaning needs as easy and fast as possible.

Whether you’re late for an appointment or it’s pouring rain, Comet Cleaners helps you quickly and conveniently drop off your dry cleaning with our drive thru service. When you pull up to our drive thru, our friendly staff will greet you and grab your dry cleaning and contact information, and then you’ll be on your way! Let Comet Cleaners help you get your dry cleaning done and save time with our drive thru service.


At Comet Cleaners, we want to help you preserve your special moments and special garments. We specialize in restoring, cleaning, and preserving wedding dresses and formal gowns.


Let the trained professionals at Comet Cleaners clean and inspect your gowns for stains and tears and treat them to restore your garments back to their original state. Comet Cleaners knows that you did not get married in a yellow wedding dress.

Restoration of your wedding dress allows for any yellowing of the garment to be reversed, bringing it back as close to possible to its original color and condition. Comet Cleaners treats your special gowns as the treasures they are and handles them with delicate care and the utmost respect. Once stains are removed, your garment is either pressed or steamed and boxed. Preserving your special gowns is another way to preserve your special memories!


Missing a button? Have a zipper that won’t zip anymore? Or how about Dad’s old suit that’s just a little too big? Comet Cleaners specializes in alterations for your finest pieces. Our trained staff can meet any of your alteration needs including dress alterations, shirt and pant alterations, and coat alterations. Comet Cleaners can guarantee to keep your clothes looking their best with our many alteration and maintenance services!


Comet Cleaners is the place for any of your minor alteration needs at little to no cost. Comet Cleaners offers complete minor alteration services such as:

  • Garment repair
  • Broken zippers
  • Size adjustments
  • Cuffing/Hems
  • Shortening and lengthening hems

Any garments from head to toe that need repairing can be fixed here at Comet Cleaners. So if little Johnny put a hole in his Sunday dress pants, come and see us to get them looking like new!


Leather and suede are essentials in any wardrobe. And their proper maintenance is just as important. That’s why here at Comet Cleaners, we specialize in the cleaning and care of your leather and suede garments. Thanks to our locally-residing staff, your leathers and suedes will be carefully cleaned in less than a week. And if you need them quicker, we can even accommodate rush orders!


Proper care is essential for your leather and suede garments, and without it, these garments loose their luster over time. Items that we clean include:

  • Leather coats and jackets
  • Leather purses and handbags
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather pants
  • Suede jackets
  • Other suede and leather apparel

Comet Cleaners’ leather and suede cleaning and care services help preserve the beauty and longevity of your garments at a low cost.


Comet Cleaners knows that after a long day at work, ironing shirts is the last thing you want to be doing. Our superior quality laundry services provide you with a simple and easy way to get your dress shirts done. Just drop off at any of our three locations and let us do the rest. It’s easy, affordable, and eco friendly!


Comet Cleaners will help you get your cleaning and laundry done in an efficient and high-quality way. Our experts will ensure that your clothes get a complete and detailed cleaning that is sure to please.


Comet Cleaners of Odessa wants to serve those in uniform as they serve our community. Comet Cleaners specializes in the care, dry cleaning, and maintenance of uniforms for:

  • Military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force)
  • ROTC
  • Sheriff
  • Police Officers
  • Fire Fighters
  • Food Service
  • Medical Staff
  • Security Guard

Comet Cleaners takes pride in providing the Odessa area with the highest quality of commercial uniform cleaning. Our experts will treat each uniform with the appropriate care they deserve. For more information about our uniform cleaning services, call or stop by!



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