Because We Could All Use A Little Hope Right Now

Let’s face it…

The years 2020 and 2021 were not the best years in recent memory. In fact, for many it was isolating, confusing and downright terrifying at times. So just like many of you, we reached out online for a little fun during the downtime.

Nope. That was a bad idea. Those who lived through it know what we mean.

Then we said: “Why can’t we create a positive online experience for ourselves?” There was too much negativity online, and we believed America was better than that! Much like Comet Cleaners keeps your precious garments clean, we wanted to offer some clean hope during this trying period. That is why we are asked you, our customers, to tell us the simple hopes and aspirations that kept you moving forward.

Connect with us on Facebook where we would like to see you continue to share your #CLEANHOPES with the rest of us. Even the simplest of hopes can be the brightest light in the darkest of times for someone else.

Hope is personal, not opinionated…So please, no political stuff, ok? There’s enough of that everywhere else. We want to keep the hopes here clean.

Get it?


They Give Us Hope

Jill G.
August 18, 2020

Getting back to sports!

Jill G.

Roller Derby