The Dry Cleaning History of Comet Cleaners

In 1920 at the age of 12, R.L "Jack" Godfrey left the family and went to work at a tailor shop. Four years later Jack opened his first dry cleaning store.

In 1935, Jack married Ellen and moved from Texas to Ohio. Jack stayed in the dry-cleaning industry, representing dry-cleaning equipment manufacturers as the Jack Godfrey Equipment Company. During this time Jack and Ellen were blessed with five children (Jack, Roman, Jim, Ron, and Mary )

In the 1940s, Jack Godfrey & Sons opened the
first 1-Hour Drycleaners.

In the 1950s, the 3-pants special was introduced in
the dry cleaning business.

In 1960s Comet Cleaners was incorporated.

In the 1970s Comet Cleaners became specialist in the clothing retail business.

By the 1980s, the Comet Cleaners franchise added as many as 43 stores per year

In 1995, Comet Cleaners was instrumental in testing, marketing and implementing a new environmentally safe dry-cleaning solvent Exxon DF2000.

In 2005, Jack Godfrey, Jr. along with his long-time friend, Christopher Ball purchased the Comet franchise from his father, becoming the third generation to own and operate the franchise system.